Self Employment System Project in Java

 Self Employment System Project in Java provides a proper solution to the government scheme  ,so that  they could maintain full fledged details of the User,who had applied with respective to  place and location through the online system. This project also includes the specification of installments to user by the Administrator and the complaints are automatically posted to the particular Urban Officer ,when the user don’t pay the amount in time.In this, the user can request the training or financial scheme of his interest.

Self Employment System Project

It also includes the confirmation between the User and Urban officer,Administrator and the User , and providing the feature for the User to view his status regarding to the Financial and Training Concern.

At Present, the existing system is a great head-off to the administrator. He should manually manage the officer details and  all the corrective actions regarding to the details of the customer have been taken through the paper documents. The presently proposed system ,is the online collection of data and updating it as and when required.

a) Functional Requirements:

  • Providing online Registration form for creating the id and passsword.
  • Providing login ,so that to provide Authenticity of the user .
  • The System is capable of providing the services such as the
  • Loan request providing the self-Employment.
  • Training request for the skill-Development.
  • iv. The System is also capable of providing the services such as
  • Continuously verifying the user status.
  • It provides the capability of specifying the installments for the user.
  • It provides the service of administrator for adding officer and deleting officer.
  • It provides the service of deleting NoAgreement list.
  • It provides the feature of viewing the records according to preference of the cities given by the adminstrator and and specify the status.
  • The user is given a chance to view the status for the finanacial and training concern
  • The System is capable of providing viewing the profile and edit profile.
  • The System is provided with the service of checking the user agreement by the admininstrator.
  • It provides the facility of group registration for the request regarding to the scheme.
  • It provides the feature of specifying the status by the urban officer.

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