Security System For DNS Using Cryptography Network Security Project Proposal

Title: Security System For DNS Using Cryptography
Study Area Review: Network security

Aims: To design a java application that can implement the security system for DNS using cryptography.

Objectives: This application has the following objectives
• To develop a java simulation code to implement DNS using cryptography
• To evaluate the performance of the network routing with the implementation of DNS cryptography
• To evaluate Cryptographic security and Interoperability
• Implementation of Digital signature and Asymmetric key cryptography

Deliverables: This application delivers the following
• Working simulation model of DNS
• Practical implementation of Message digest algorithm
• Proper literature review with high standard documentation that evaluate the performance of DNS

Professional Project Claim

J2sdk1.4, Netbeans or Edit plus, Pentium processor to execute the operations.

• Proper project plan is being prepared to enable the application to follow strict timelines
• I am following standard templates while preparing the documentation to ensure the quality of document and literature review
• All the java coding standards and best practices are being implemented to ensure the quality of coding done
• Prototype software model is being developed to check the reliability of the application
• Multiple levels of testing will be done to deliver the quality product

Resources Audit:

Software Requirements
Language : Java1.5

Front End Tool : Java Swing.

Operating System : Microsoft Windows XP/2K3.

Hardware Requirements

Processor : Intel Pentium III Processor
RAM : 256MB
Hard Disk Size : 40GB
Processor Speed : 300 min

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