Security Measures Taken For Cloud Computing In an Organization

Security measures taken 

Most of the organizations share their data to the service providers of cloud computing and seeks more security towards their confidential and personal data and need a proper protection mechanism towards their organizational data at different level of security and data protection across the cloud services should include different level of authentication and even the manager is insisting for different roles across the data protection.

Data controller and data processor should pay the required responsibility while providing the required security to the personal and organizational data that was shared across the cloud services.  The service providers are striving a lot to ensure the data security of their clients and they are implementing all the possible latest technologies in protecting the data of the customers. There are different models that can be used against the data protection of the organizations and all most each of them is implemented by the cloud service providers.

Network administrators are seeking the layer approach for their data, where the complete organization data is divided into different layers and each layer is provided with a separate level of security and access and most of the organizations are looking forward for the latest security implementations and even the service providers are implementing all the possible latest trends towards the data security of the organizations.

Organizations need to share all the data and the corresponding information to the cloud service providers such that get the complete range of services from the cloud and in some cases, few organizations cant share the most confidential information of the organization like financial documents and liabilities information. Public information is shared across the public clouds and even a detailed level of security is required in this context and if the cloud is the private cloud then more level of information security is required.

There are many hidden security threats across the third party adoption for the data security and most of the companies are losing their information with the public access through the third party websites and, if the data is lost it can’t be restored effectively if the data is maintained by the third parties and thus most of the companies are doesn’t prefer these third parties to ensure more security to their data. Most of the service providers maintain all the encrypted data of two or more companies on the same disk and thus there could be lot chances that end up with data segregation.

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