Security in Operating Systems PPT

Protection and Security in Operating System:

Security is the major clause for any operating system.  Operating system must be able to protect the data the environment it is being used like office, home; building etc. the data stored in the system must be safe from loss. Operating system must have the feature of data encryption so that it cannot be used by other person without the permission of owner.

There are two level meant for security purpose:

–          Physical level; computer systems must be physically secured.

–          Human level: screen must be handled with care.

Authentication: an authentication program should be there so as to identify user with key or user knowledge or finger print, or signature. It depends on the system to identify the user. Passwords are also the nice options with account ID.  They are best and easy to use. There is rare chance that password will be same to different users.

But password has some disadvantages also. It can be accessed by just guessing. Now there many application that have capability to break passwords. Some people are successful in guessing passwords if they know user personally. They try all combinations of letters and alphabets.

One time passwords:  they are to prevent the improper use password exposure.  User has secret code known as PIN.

Now threats like Trojan horse and trap doors are introduced. They misuse their environment. Worms are also the major threat, as they copy themselves and slobber system performance.

Viruses: they are major problems for systems. They spread automatically in the systems. They are nothing but the program that keep on executing and damage the working of system. 

Windows NT: they are designed for security purpose. For login in NT there is security access that that token ID and security ID. 

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