Security in Cloud Computing using OPNET Project Proposal

Project background 

Cloud computing is the widely used technology across the software organizations these days. In general cloud computing refers to the on demand usage of the resources required for the clients and these requirements can be on the lines of data and software through a typical computer network. If the clients or users of the cloud computing need some resources like word processing, they can request the service providers even if the required software or data is missing at their local location. All the data and the required software operations as per the need of the clients and the users are provided by the service providers.

If the client or the end users has a minimum set of software’s like a operating system or a web browser, they can be connected easily to the cloud computing service provider and enjoy the privileged benefits of the cloud provider. In general a cloud computing technology works under the guidance of sophisticated techniques and the minimum requirement for this technology to work is a well established network with the appropriate connections to the end users and the service providers. The cloud can be accessed through an internet or an intranet or both in some cases and the service providers utilizes the network connections to provide the required services to their client or end users as per their requirements.

Security across the cloud computing has an important role and there is lot of research done towards the security of the clouds and the corresponding data security issues. There are lots of security issues with the implementation of cloud computing which were unsolved yet and the most common among them are the network security and the common cloud security. Information security is also another important aspect to be considered across the cloud security and there are different models to provide the cloud security. In this project the important network and information security across the cloud computing are evaluated and the main aim and objective of this project are as listed below 

Aim: To evaluate and develop a network and information security model for cloud computing security using OPNET. 


Following are the research objectives 

  • To critically review the cloud computing technology and the current trends in cloud computing
  • To evaluate the security issues with cloud computing and in specific information and network security.
  • To design a cloud computing security model using the OPNET and the corresponding scenarios
  • To simulate the proposed design using OPNET and compare the scenarios
  • To evaluate the results by running the simulation
  • To compare the results and evaluate the performance of the proposed cloud security model with respect to network and information security. 

How these objectives will be achieved 

  1. Literature review on cloud computing is done based on few articles, journals, academic publications and ACM digital library reference
  2. Different security issues of cloud computing are studied with the help of above mentioned references and the corresponding issues are evaluated with respect to affect on the cloud security.
  3. Information and network security are studied and the importance with respect to cloud security are evaluated
  4. A detailed design is done with the help of different scenarios using OPNET simulation tool
  5. Information and network security issues are evaluated in this design and the performance metrics are set against the simulation process
  6. Now all the designed scenarios are simulated using OPNET tool and the simulation is run against the performance metrics to measure the security model aspects
  7. Results of the scenarios are compared and analyzed to evaluate the security model created for the information and network security of the cloud. 

Reason to choose this project 

I am interested in cloud computing and has done some research towards the security issues of cloud computing. As per my findings there are lot of security issues to be addressed with respect to the information, network and data security and thus I thought of developing a feasible security model for cloud security with respect to information and network security using OPNET simulation tool. 

Resource requirements 

Software requirements 

OPNET modeler 14.0 or later

Operating system: Windows 7 

Hardware requirements 

PROCESSOR        :    PENTIUM IV 2.6 GHz

RAM                    : 1 GB

Project Plan 

Task Description Start Date


End Date




Basic introduction to the project along with the problem definition and aims and objectives are defined in this section.


    1 week


Literature review


Following aspects are covered under literature review

  • Introduction to cloud computing
  • Review on usage of cloud computing and different clouds
  • Review on security issues of cloud computing
  • Analysis of information and network security issues with respect to cloud security and the possible solutions to be implemented.


    4 weeks





Following design aspects are covered under this section

  • Scenarios design
  • Parameters design




    3 weeks




Following aspects are covered under the implementation section

  • Network setup
  • Simulation of the scenarios
  • Running the scenarios against the parameters



    4 weeks


Evaluation of results


Results achieved after running the individual scenarios and after comparing the scenarios are explained in this chapter with reference to the aims and objectives of this project.


    2 weeks


Conclusion and Future work



Conclusion from the total work done and the results evaluation is given and the better ways to improve the project in future are also explained.


    1 week



Following are the project deliverables 

Initial reports holds the below information 

  • Literature review on cloud computing
  • Review on security issues of cloud computing
  • Report on possible measures to be taken against the information and network security issues of cloud

Interim report holds the below information 

  • Design aspects of the simulation to create the security model
  • Detailed explanation to the scenario design and security model design
  • Simulation steps and the corresponding explanation 

Final report contain the below information

  • Information from both the initial and interim report
  • Simulation procedure done
  • Simulation results
  • Results evaluation and
  • Conclusion and future work

Final product contain the below information 

  • Simulation of the proposed security model
  • Better security for information and network for the cloud security.

Project Proposal Submitted by Sathish Nagarajan

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