Introduction to Secure Three-Party Authenticated Quantum Key Distribution Protocols Project:

The paper is about usage of Quantum Key Distribution Protocols to ensure security in case of huge networks. This protocol uses DES algorithm for the purpose of encryption and decryption of text file. To ensure security this project helps both the sender and receiver to register into databases. Whenever a request is sent from either sender or receiver then a secret key is generated. Trusted Centre which is the third part authenticates both sender and receiver and the secret key is generated by them.

The Trusted Centre later issues a quantum key to both sender and receiver once secret key is verified. The quantum key is a random key of 8-bit and is generated using a function in .NET. Using RSA algorithm session key is generated, and is converted into binary form.

Once the quantum key is matched from sender and receiver end the data can be encrypted and intermediate form also can be viewed. In the same way once decryption is done both encrypted and decrypted files are available. Thus a secure transaction of data occurs between sender and receiver using third party Trusted Centre.

This paper focusses on improving security for large applications and proposes Quantum Key Distribution Protocols and also gives details about third party Trusted Centre, the way it ensures the security and giving the conclusion that it can be better protocol when compared to that of existing protocols in all aspects of either performance or cost or in terms of security. 


              HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS INCLUDE: PC with min 10 GB hard-disk and 512 MB RAM.


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