In the Secure Data Retrieval for Decentralized Disruption-Tolerant Military Networks NS2 Project encryption done using Attribute-based encryption. Previously we are using RSA algorithm for encryption.
In the given Ns2 project there are lots of CPP programs. Even if removed also working without any change. I removed All cpp files.
The graphs are generated based on the .xg files. The worst thing is the values are not changing. They are just constants.
In the base paper the project should contain battle forces and region but in the project, we have only one user that does not belong to any region and battle force.
The key values are generated three times but they are not at all used anywhere for the ENCRYPTION AND DECRYPTION  purpose to run the project we need DSR or AODV protocols but they are not using anywhere.
The main problem is the advantages of the project like key revocation, Forward, and backward Secrecy are not at all discussed. SO whats the main purpose of this project?
We need a database in the project to show the forward and backward secrecy. But no database used in this project.
We need central key authority and Local key authority but only one key authority used.
The path is not showing for the Sending encryption and decryption message. Just used that 1 node send it 2 And 2 send it to 3  like that. Sending msg should do using routing algorithm but here just used a FOR loop and displayed at the bottom.