Search Portal Project Abstract

Vision Developing is a type of search engine that is playing major role in information storage within organizations or else educational institutions. This is a internet based application which can be accessed by using the web browser or else through email which can be accessed with keywords. The search engine of this application is through web as well as email which gives great fetching to the users because they can find the information by using URL or by mail. In this the key word search is important resource through which users can browse the information and can even search relevant documents. In this process, whenever the user sends the information through mail then it will be sent to the search engine backup that displays 20results for every page and the relevant and required information can be browsed. The FTP sites should be used to browse the documents data in which the site index will be in periodic way that displays the paging logics. The search screens are used for filtering the user data such as files and information obtained from other websites.

User Interface Requirements

The user interface requirements of this system need a specific database which is centralized and standard based one.

Software Requirements

The software’s needed for this system are HTML and CSS with Java script which has Java as the major programming language and JDBC, Sevlets, JSP and JNDI. It even needs My Eclipse with Oracle, Access or SQL data based with Windows XP, Linux, Solaris or 2003 operating system and finally Tomcat 5.0 version.

Hardware Requirements

The hardware requirements of this system needs 512MB Ram with 40GM Hard disk. 

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