Search Engines PPT Presentation

Introduction to Search Engines PPT Presentation:

The document is being named shastra and it contains in detail study about search engines. In our day to day life we use search engines for retrieving the information on various topics. A search engine provides us in detail information on any topic we need it for and it also allows us to edit that information. Types of search engines are.

a.)    Google

Google is a pragmatic type of search engine. Google provides Wikipedia. It allow you to look for the information and provides you with n number of options to search on particular topic and get information from various websites.

b.)    Yahoo

Yahoo is a index search engine. Yahoo is integrated with Microsoft.

c.)     Msn

MSN is owned by Microsoft and provides

d.)    Hog Search

Hog id new fun search engine.

According a survey conducted it has been observed that most of the people prefer to use Google as search engine due to its ease of use. Let us now learn something more about search engines. There are two types of logic for search engines.

a.)    Boolean Logic

b.)    Pseudo – Boolean Logic

Let us now have a look at how search engines work. Working of search engine evolve three steps.

a.)    Proprietary Algorithm

b.)    Sending Out a Spider

c.)     Creating Indexes

Now let us learn something more about the Advantages and Disadvantage of search engines.

a.)    Today the search engines are standardized and provide wide information to users.

b.)    Search engines are computer robot programs.          

c.)     There is large number of options available for search engines and many search engines are available.

Different types of search engines available on World Wide Web are

a.)    Google

b.)    Netscape

c.)     MSN

d.)    Altavista

e.)    AOL

f.)     Overture

g.)    Excite

h.)    Ask jeeves

i.)      Yahoo

Search engines prove very important to search information on web and increase our knowledge through referring various articles and web sites.

 Download  Search Engines PPT Presentation.

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