School Website Project Proposal

“The High School” is a School Website Project created for students to have an online interaction with their school activities. This website has been developed using Microsoft Visual studio 2008 .Coding has been done by using C# language of the Dot Net Framework.

The data base server we used for storing data of this website is Microsoft  SQL Server 2008.Since C# is object oriented, simple to implement, modern in look and provides type safety we have opted C# as compared to other languages available in Microsoft dot net frame work. This language is specially meant to develop huge enterprise applications.

This school website is developed using three-tier architecture so as to follow standard coding policies. Website was developed by implementing almost all the available concepts such as master pages, style sheets, layers etc.

As far as the roles of The High School are concerned, there are two roles in this website that uses it. They are as below

  • Administrator
  • Student

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