School time table project is designed to full fill requirements in private schools where there are many sections and large number of faculty members. Our idea is to develop a web application which will help school administration to manage students, employee, faculty attendance and time table planning using this software.

Existing and proposed System:

Most of the schools use records for managing any type of data like students, employees, faculty, time table generations..etc. This procedure becomes a tough task when there are large number of students and sections in a school.

Considering the importance of software design for this application we developed a school time table and attendance management software which can manage time tables for each class, attendance for students and faculty..etc.

Modules Overview:

There are three main modules attendance management, time table management, staff details management.

Attendance Management: In this module attendance of students are updated to database. Admin can enter student identification number, total number of class’s attendance ant absent classes.

Time Table Management Module:  Time table for each class and section are created in this module for each faculty members, class section..etc.