School Automation System Project in Asp.Net

School Automation System Project in Asp.Net is a simple web based application which is designed for schools for managing students details, parents details, fees payment, marks..etc.

School Automation System Project Overview:

  • Administrator can update and delete the whole information.
  • Administrator has the status of all member and can give permission to allow the member of this site.
  • The website is very flexible which can accommodate the any feature later on which we want to add for update the site.
  •  Provide the facility like send mail to faculty and principal
  • Student can view profile.
  • Student view result, news, schedule, photo gallery.
  • Parents can view student profile, student attendances, news for school, photo gallery, exam time table.
  • End user can seen all information about school event and school result.
  • Information about school result.
  • Bifurcation of the student’s information
  • Bifurcation of the student’s exam information
  • End user can know about new events held in School, Results, Rankers of the school
  • This System has large scope for the online school management of all the students & school information. 
  • This system store all information’s of the students with snap of the student. 
  • This system store all information’s of the staff with snap of the staff. 
  • System can able to accept user request and manages information like student’s result . 
  • System also provides inter messaging facilities for send  messages to Principal and Faculty. 
  • System provides enhance security facilities to give such user rights to protect from unauthorized user. It creates password for login users like  admin. 
  • System can give the all activities of student images. 
  • System can give the information about further study. 
  • System can give all detail information about school past history and present history. 
  • System can give all current news and activities.

Future System Enhancement

  • In future our system can include Online Accounting System, Good Backup and Restore Facility.
    • This system is enough for student management but if possible then some new modules can be added into the system such as staff management module.
    • Online E-mail can be added for user awareness.
    • System is so much flexible so in future it can increase easily and new modules can be added easily.

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