SAN Network Seminar Topics for CSE on Latest Technology 2012

Introduction to SAN Network Seminar Topics:

The SAN- storage area network

The SNIA- storage networking industry association specifies that the SAN is the type of network and its major task is to transmit the data among the two different types of the computers as well as the storage elements that are diagonally opposite towards the storage elements.

The storage area network is made up of the communication architecture that offers the different types of the material associations as well as the management layers that will arrange the connections of the storage elements as well as the computer system which will transmit the data in a secured manner.

The SAN a storage area network is considered to be one of the best and high speed network that can be utilized for the purpose of the storage devices as well as the hosts which will allow and perform the data that is being hosted by the different types of the storage devices. The different varieties of the block based access is being offered by the SAN it involves the several types of the devices like the HBA- host bus adapters, the hub switches, the servers as well as the disk storage.

F-2-The SAN environment 

Now a day’s the there are several numbers of the existing SANs and the entire SANS are totally based on the fibre channel. The data which is been stored by the SANs will be able to accessed through the different number of hosts which are associated with the SAN and it can be easily distributed by making use of the different file sharing protocols that are managed by the underlying host OS. The different types of the fault tolerance features such as the RADI are been supported by the storage devices which belongs to the SAN and these are even capable of carrying out the data reproduction process.

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