Sample Mainframe Project Abstract


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This is the Sample Mainframe Project Abstract submitted to users. The major functionality is to develop screens in cics for online transactions by analyzing the coolgen code. These screens are part of application security menu, usually they will perform different operations Checking user authorization, secured area authorization etc.


  • Studying the FS to understand the requirement and analyze the impact analysis within and outside the system
  • Creating the TS according to the assigned FS
  • Create the code according to the TS
  • Self review and peer review of the TS and codes
  • Creating the UTP and test scripts for the corresponding codes
  • Involved in Regression testing, volume testing, and system testing when required
  • Monitoring the performance of the existing system and enhanced systems and also took actions for improvement in performance.
  • Identifying the root cause for all the production problems and post implementation problems and correcting them.

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