Safe Internet Proxy Server Project Report

Introduction to Safe internet proxy server project:

Safe internet proxy server project explains about connecting to website directly from proxy server by using proxy settings in web browser. In existing client server model every terminal will retrieve information from internet where every client should equipped with modem for connecting to internet.

Implementing this network is not costly for large organizations but it is always a tough task to maintain security for large networks form virus. In existing system there is no filtering  procedure for controlling hackers to view our data and in this method if we want to view any website we need type URL every time which is a time taking process.

In order to overcome these problems proxy server is proposed. Proxy server main functionality is to store and forward caches. Users need to configure proxy server settings in web browser for directly connecting to server without using URL. Proxies are used as firewall because it restricts client from connection to internet.

For more details on this topic students can download reference material from below download link.

Computer science and information technology students can find more safe internet proxy server project related projects with source code from this site for free download.

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