Routing Simulator Project Report

Introduction to Routing Simulator Project:

The main aim of Routing simulator project is to provide detailed information about routing protocols and its functionality and basics algorithms and the process included in sending a packet from source to destination. In our daily life we are familiar with network connections and packet transmissions from one end to other but very few of them know the functionality how it works. In this project, we will cover every topic on routing.

Routing is the process of sending messages from source to destination by finding out the source and destination address. When a packet is transmitted from the client it is sent to nodes where routers are located and routing is done using routing protocol. 

Based on the received messaged information routing protocol will look in the routing table and transmit to the destination address. There are many interrelated works in this process which are explained in this project with screen shots, block diagrams and data flow diagrams, routing table details, explanation on packet construction, linking and routing algorithm.

For more information on routing simulator topic, students can download project report from below download link.

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