Route Maintenance Method Seminar Reference Material

To identify the present status of the topology varies against the network the path maintenance method might be used. It’s been come into notice that the degree of motion of the nodes is extremely large towards the MANETS then there are a lot of chances for the variation in the topology furthermore the variation against the route is conserved towards the cache by using the nodes.

The spaces in between the links ranging from one node to the opposite sorts of the hops should be determined through different nodes and primarily there are many sorts of the present standards so as to attain or complete this specific operation.
To identify the link miscarriage towards the routes the DSR can use the method of the passive response.

In this entire procedure if the source forwards the packets to the target destination then the intermediate nodes can find the issues associated with the link of the adjacent nodes then within the moment it’ll transmit the RERR- route error packet to the source node.

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