Role of Women in Building the Capable State in Africa: Challenges and Opportunities

  Political participation:

      In West Africa, African women played an important role in historical times on formal roles in various societies. There is large number of women traditional chiefs in the Nigeria. In their localities women also played an important role for policy direction, decision making in the roles of governors and legislators. In African countries women’s involved in the colonial struggles which are involved in the politics of Africa. In South Africa in non-socially prescribed roles women’s are participated. In the formal peace building process women’s are not analytically incorporated. In peace building, programmes addressing women’s involvement is high in the political participation of Africa. 

 Economic participation: 

                          In Africa in the policy arena women’s organizations made several changes. In the social sector, government expenditure is reduced in adjustment programmes resulted in the trouble of social care to women. From the social sector women’s are the gap fillers. In the economic development discussions women’s voices are recognized. In general national production and economy is concerned by women’s mostly as economic indicators. 

Social aspects:

In creation of legal framework, the social aspects of gender are considered in analysis of State in Africa. Many countries tried to incorporate gender in bill of rights at the time of independence. Between the society and women’s group the customary law interpretation is the main debate in the parliament. In employment to assurance equal opportunities, the laws are launched. For instance inheritance, labour laws, custody of children, divorce as well as rights under family law in the area of marriage.

       The women social status is affected by the religions such as Islam as well as Christianity. The role of women resulted in many progressive and also different interpretations when considered in Islam. Across Africa many women are placed in leadership positions in new Pentecostal churches when considered in Christianity.  Due to these achievements a positive result is observed on society’s perception of women.

Women can gain knowledge regarding their historical role as well as to the traditional growth their contribution is recently introduced in universities in the field of education.

The government for addressing the women regarding the development built projects because from women organizations and from the international community the pressure is faced mainly by the system of UN. The Mexico and also Copenhagen commitments, Nairobi as well as latest conferences of Beijing on women are obeyed by this. In urban and rural areas, for helping women to access credit, special funds are given to encourage income generating projects.    Additionally in order to review the women’s legal status there were initiatives, and laws were introduced by giving them the economic and social rights and majority status in line through Convention on Elimination of Discrimination’s against Women (CEDAW).

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