Robotics in Biomemics Snake Robot PDF

Introduction to Robotics in Biomemics Snake Robot:

Today the most of the death of the people is due to disasters. Numerous of people are dying due to the disaster. Government preparation and rescue system is generally inadequate to the disasters. To solve this kind of problem rescue robots are developed which can be defined as utilization of robotics technology in the favor of human being to save them in any disaster. This kind of robots can detect living bodies; give them the safe route etc. There are many kind of different disaster such as urban areas, underground and underwater which are difficult to access by human being. 

Constraints on Robotic Rescue Devices: – It will going to develop the closet relationship between human and robots. Rescue robots have to work in extremely difficult areas where humans can’t reach. These robots should be intelligent to handle all the problems generated by the nature. These robots must have sensors to detect the path and identification. They must be enough intelligent to minimize their error and move themselves to high signal area. 

            It should have sensor based online path planning in difficult areas to rescue people. It should able to make map easily. 

Application:- Its other application are that it is used in bridge inspection and it can be used in rescue operation under trench means those people who work for digging or fixing pipes underground to rescue them. 

Advantages: – It is small in size and weight and may change their shape to suit the difficult situation. It is highly reliable because it can repair itself. It is not too costly. 

Disadvantages: – It cannot optimize its own path. It is hard to control because it has many application and it require motion planning algorithm. 

Conclusion: – This are biologically inspired robots generally detects and identifies the victim.

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