RFID Based Railway Platform To Display The Exact Positon Of Coach Project Report

Introduction to RFID Based Railway Platform To Display The Exact Positon Of Coach Project:

In this paper we proposed new technology called radio frequency identification with intent to provide an exact position to the railway coach on the platform. The radio frequency identification (RFID) uses transponders facilitating automatic identification. In order to identify any object within its range these transponders they employ either electrostatic or electromagnetic phenomenon in the radio frequency portion, hence it’s also know as dedicated short range communication (DSRC), RFID system consists of three basic components antenna, transceiver coupled with decoder, Transponder i.e.

RFID tag, indeed these RFID systems are classified into three types based on their frequency and they are two types active tags which transmits stronger signal and passive tags which transmits weaker signals ,  these RFID tags contains antenna used to store data , and these can be programmed while installation, they can attain high operational speed with inventory management.

The types RF antenna mentioned here are Low-frequency is 30–300 kHz, LFID passive tags; High frequency is 3-30 MHz At 13.56 MHz, HFID tags, Ultrahigh-frequency or UHF is 300 MHz-3 GHz  microwave passive tags.

This revolutionary concept had already brought new dimensions in this particular field, the antenna emits the radiations on to the of RFID tags and performs read and write operations on it, the RFID tags are capable of identifying the data by using a micro chip, this paper also addresses a technology EPC (electronic product code) which are The replacement for these RFID tags, Our new technology has several advantages over conventional bar code system like reusability, performing parallel operations; multiple tags can read at a time, it’s an error free system with maximum security, majorly this technology finding applications in airport security, medical, postal services, animal identification, tracking systems, social retailing.

Apart from its cost factor this technology finds many applications, it not only transforms to the better living conditions but it is a much redefined future in upcoming economic progress.

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