RFB Protocol Seminar Report for B.tech CSE Students

Introduction to RFB Protocol Seminar Topic:

This paper discussed about the RFB protocol and defined its various working aspects. Also, this paper defined about the remote computing and remote access. RFB protocol acts as a communication protocol while remote access takes place between client and servers across network. Remote access is possible when client and server communicating by making use of this protocol. RFB protocol working activities are detailed in this paper.


RFB protocol has various messages which are send and interpreted by both server and client modules. RFB protocol provides remote access to GUIs. This protocol is applicable to all windowing systems and applications as this works at the frame buffer level. RFB protocol is using in Virtual Network Computing also. Display and Input protocols are the basic parts of RFB protocol. The display part is based on a single graphics primitive and the Input protocol based on a normal workstation model.

In RFB protocol, a thin client protocol, in which there is some communication protocols exist between RFB client and RFB server.  This protocol is designed in a way such that makes a client with fewer requirements.  Because of this the task of implementing a client is very simple. This protocol became very popular after it used in Virtual Network Computing.  This protocol can be extended into new encodings and pseudo encodings.

RFB protocol can operate on either byte-stream or message-based transport channels. This protocol is used over a TCP\IP connection also. This protocol proceeds through three stages like handshaking phase, initialization phase and normal protocol interaction phase. In the first phase, both client and server agree the rules, security and version of communication. In the second phase, client and server exchange the messages. In the final phase, both client and server exchange various other messages which begin with a message-type byte.


This paper has given and implementation example of RFB protocol for easy understanding of its concepts, also define how program can be execute on a server or client based on this RFB protocol.

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