Resource Planner Project Report

Introduction to Resource planner project:

Resource planner project software application is useful for software companies for effectively organizing available resources and allocating available resources in different projects.  This application is compulsory for every organization to achieve its goal on time and complete given work with less resources. Employee’s information with their skills are updated to software which will help to know skilled employees of specific knowledge easily. This application is a online tool which will mange current project and also future projects with total number of employees working on present project and total number of employees required for new project.

This application works on centralized database so that changes done from anywhere can immediately reflect. At a time more than one user can log in from different locations and  use this tool simulation sly. There are different modules developed for this application where only administrator can add and remove users from database he has all permissions in maintaining and organizing data of employees.

For more information on this project students can download reference material project report from below download link.

Download Resource planner project report from this link.

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