Resorts Management Project Abstract

Introduction to Resorts Management Project:

Resorts management project is implemented in  java platform using HTML, Java script and CSS as web technologies and MYSQL as back end database. Resort management system project main idea is to develop a online web portal for atomization of resort booking system and to create a scope for visiting tourists from different geographic locations. For every resort there will be different branches at different location so managing all these resorts information will be easy through this online application. This application will help to improve services for tourists and also improve revenue source for resorts management.

In existing system manual work is used where tourists should contact through phone and know details about availability of rooms and locations to view at that area. As the usage of internet had increased developing web portal will be helpful and atomized.

This application consists of five modules, accommodation information module, units information module, bookings information module, guests information module, facilities information module

Accommodation information module:  Using these module tourists can know detailed information about availability of rooms and different types of accommodations available in resorts with cost details.

Units Information Module: Using these module users can know details of units and reference units which are registered and it also provides unit for each location.

Bookings Information module: Using these module tourists can book rooms based on the availability of rooms and different site views packages provided at that location.

Guest Module:  Using this module guests who are planning for a trip can view different packages and importance of that location with images and have a clear picture about resorts. Guests can register with this application for any further queries.

Facilities Module:  This module provides detailed information on facilities that are provided at resorts and unique features that are available at resort. This module will be updated with latest information and features that are added to the resorts from time to time.

Download Resorts Management Project Abstract from this link.

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