Resort Management System

This project takes care of the resort management at the core area of the database. Already information is stored in the system database shows the information regarding the different resorts that are available in the system records .the system also takes care of the atomic information of the different units that are present under one resort. The unit is well designed for the basic flexibility of the tourist who wants to stay.

Existing system is presently undeveloped one and the manual process of the overall system is so complicated. The clients in the real time system can be too thick and may need many resources to be used upon the system. The centralized database is only the solution to develop the system.

Proposed system the guests or clients can visit the site and if require register themselves with the required information. The registered guest can raise the request for unit bookings. The maintenance of the unit booking is maintained by the proper management. The system provides the facility for booking of the required available units as per the number that is available. The system is totally built upon the three standards . This application is implemented in three tire architecture client, business and data tires are three levels involved.

The module maintains all the details of the Accommodation location that are available. Unit information this module maintains the information regarding all the units that are registered and there reference unit types.

Booking module maintains the information of all the booking of the units as per the guest requirements.

This project has minimum software requirement the operating system which we use for this project is windows 2000 professional/xp,  browsers internet explorer 5.0 and Netscape navigator.

Data base is MYSQL 5.0, webserver is Tomcat.

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