Resizing Image Using Bilinear Interpolation Algorithm in MATLAB Project Report

This project deals about the relation between picture and program that is Graphical User Interface (GUI) .using the GUI user can easily interact to system controls like menus preparing the slides, buttons, menu bars and list boxes so for. The GUI lays between user which perform the action and system. Consider one example like interact with start button GUI performs the actions and it is displayed. This project takes input and output to Perform in GUI operations using the algorithm of bilinear interpolation in MATLAB

By using the MATLAB do the process of the Image, development of algorithm, Data is visualization and analysis. This tool is easily solving the computation problems rather than traditional programs like C, FORTRAN, C++..

Normally earl year version of the system had works with command only like MS-DOS, but these days lot of the system working Graphical model. A GUI is graphical model that is used to interact with electronic device using the pictures or images. It is like play station,Mp3 players and portable media.

This tool is logically design and to involve the programs. This GUI depends upon the screen resolution. The screen resolution is changing the picture size. Depending upon the image size GUI resolution can changed. According to the MATLAB it doesn’t need any kind of the Dimension, using the Arrays developed the code. While taking the image most of JPEG and GIF format and PNG format

The System is total depends on the Image size, the image size takes the representation of the Grayscale, truecolorRGB, Indexed, Binary and unit8 .Grayscale indication for image size is M×N and visibility White=1 and black=0.Truecolor RGB is indicated using Matrix size M×N, indexed is indicate using the colour map size k×3, Binary image indicates using the values 1 or 0 and unit8 is taking double size of image

Download Re sizing image using bi linear interpolation algorithm in MATLAB Project Report

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