Research Paradigm and Research Methodology of HR Administration Outsourcing

Research Paradigm:

There are huge number of research done on HR field so there is large number of information is already available for the fresh researchers.

Saunders and others stated Research paradigm as “the process of examining the research paradigm by which those topics can be clearly understand and explain.”. The research paradigm is going to helpful for the researchers in order to gain good knowledge about particular topic.

Mainly there are two different types of research paradigms available which are going to back the different research strategies and methods used by researchers and they are

1. Positivism paradigm

2. Interpretative paradigm

Research Methodology:

Research is a fundamental part of educational, ”research is a methodical study of objects as well as sources etc. with the aim of establishing facts and arrive at new conclusions”(Oxford Concise Dictionary). The method through that a research is carried out or written is very imperative as it has a vast impact upon the conclusions arrived at the ending part of the research.

In order to decide research methodology used in the research we should select one approach between deductive and inductive approaches. Research methodology which is selected should fulfill the primary aims as well as the objectives of this research.

Deductive approach:

 The Deductive approach structures the theory based upon the rigorous survey. This approach is mainly concentrates on building a theory after completion of literature review process. 

Inductive approach:

Inductive approach states that the social phenomena can only be observe and explained through experiment and observations. Inductive approach mainly concentrates on data collection and making the conclusions based upon the results of data analysis.

In this research Inductive approach is the best method where research is mainly based upon the results of data analysis. In achieving our research objectives I am conducting surveys which include different HR professionals from around the world. This data will be used to come to a conclusion on research which satisfies our primary objectives of the research. Type of questionnaire given to the HR professionals is unstructured.

 Basically there are two different approaches in surveys one is structured and another is unstructured surveys. The main different between both the surveys are structure surveys consists only  of the same type of questions that either choose an option or give comment where as unstructured survey is the combination of different type of questions that is it contains some choose the option questions and some other giving the comment questions. So based upon the research objectives we have to prepare questionnaire very carefully.

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