Research Paper on Virus and Anti Virus

Introduction to Research Paper on Virus and Anti Virus:

A computer program that has the ability to delete the personal data and has the ability to copy itself in whole memory is defined as virus. It can take control of the whole system. All viruses are of reproductive type. Many viruses are written in assembly language and some of them are in high level language.

Types of viruses:-

File virus: – It is a type of virus that is attached to the program and makes it infected and when we install the program it starts executing.

Boot sector virus: – It is most dangerous virus if it is once loaded than it is very difficult to stop it. It affects the boot sector of the system or hark disc or floppy disc.

Multipartite virus: – this type of virus is hybrid of program virus and boot sector virus.

Stealth virus: – They have the property to hide themselves from dentition from the antivirus. They are also capable to redirecting the head of scanner to some another location.

Polymorphic virus: – It has the property of self replicating its once the user have installed the infected file to the system, it affect the RAM part of the memory.

Macro viruses: – It spreads through the document file. One the user gets the infected document and opens it and then the virus starts spreading in the whole system.

Antivirus: – it is a set of program that has the ability to prevent the computer from viruses that causes harm to the system.  For this it follows three steps that are detection, in which it detects a virus. Second is identify, in which it identified the infected program and the third is removing, in which it removes all the viruses from the system. There are three types of antivirus that are scanner, monitor and integrity checking program. 

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