Research Paper on Virtual Keyboard

Introduction to Research Paper on Virtual  Keyboard:

Now a day the technology is not limited to computer and laptops, it had come to virtual environment. It’s one of the example is virtual keyboard. It uses artificial intelligence and sensors that allow the user to work on the simple flat surface as there is keyboard.

QWERTY keyboard: – It was the first keyboard to be developed that looks like a type writer. Its layout s based on the English language. When we press key, it pushes the rubber down and the current flows through the circuit and the word is generated in the CPU.

Virtual keyboard: – It is the keyboard that works on the flat surface anywhere and at anytime. It keeps the track of the finger and takes the input according to keystroke. It projects the light on the surface which looks like the QWERTY keyboard. It uses sensors and the infrared rays for projecting light on the surface. It is used in high tech work because of its low noise and fast work.

Technology: – the development of virtual keyboard is based on mainly three steps first is sensor module, which plays a vital role in virtual keyboard. It keeps the track of user finger to take the input. It processes the keystroke and then the output is shown on the monitor. Second is IR light source which emit infrared beam. It projects the image of the keyboard on the flat surface from which the user can type.

These rays are invisible to the human eyes. And the third one is pattern projector, in which the projector uses to show the image of keyboard on the plane surface. If there are project patterns present then there is no need of infrared rays. There are different types of virtual keyboard are there such as canasta, sensor board, kitty, in focus and developer VKB.

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