Research Methodology and Statistical Analysis

The methodology is the system that contains wide range of principles or rules in which the particular methods and procedures are been considered in order to solve the problems that arise within the specific aspect. Similar to the algorithm the methodology is a set of practices.

There are two types of research methods which are been used in order to solve the problems happened within the research process such as quantitative research method and the qualitative research method. The types of the research methodologies are been taken into consideration depending on the different types of factors happened within the research process. The correct and important data is been gathered and the entire research analysis process is been discussed in detail.

 Qualitative research

According to Trochim (2000) in the process of the qualitative research methodology the entire factors which are related to the human activities are taken into consideration. The problems which are been specified by the human activities are been considered within the qualitative research method. This qualitative research method is been used within the educational regulations, the social studies and for the basic problems that take place in the market place. The decision making process will involve different types of critical steps like the way of reaction against the problems happened within the research process. The small volume of contents should be considered than the large volume of contents within the process of data collection from the individuals or participants who are involves the research process. In order to complete the research successfully with an appropriate emotional observations   the typical non numerical data without the significant aspects such as the graphs, charts and the statistical methods are been considered.

 Quantitative research

In general the quantitative research methodology includes the models that are based on the mathematical and theory based approaches. This research method will even involve the statistical analysis and the experimental examination of the specific aspects as well as the internal relationship between the particular quantitative aspects. The important aspects within the quantitative research method are the measurements and the evaluations through which the actual results are been obtained.  This quantitative research method is been used in order to answer the questions such as the what, why and where. This research methodology will involve the concepts of the social sciences like the political science, economics, anthropology and psychology.

By making use of these research methodology the questions such as what, why and where are been answered and in this quantitative research methodology as the major research methodology will include the major social sciences such as political science, economics, anthropology as well as the psychology. In this research method the particular case studies and articles are been considered which are used as the major information sources. By using these resources the general conclusions as well as the hypothesis is been resulted.  By making use of the hypothesis list in the quantitative research method the problems can be rectifies within the research process. The numerical measurements like graphs, charts and the statistical analysis is been utilized in this quantitative research method. By using this method the data which is gathered can be analyzed in the form of the experimental examination and the comparable results are been calculated through the empirical analysis.

The best example for this is that survey conducted might result in the finishing the entire process of the research rather than that of the methodology which is been used in a specific levels. 

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