Research Design Case Study Approach for MBA Students

According to D Vermeulen (2009) the research design is the process of identifying the basic research questions and then changing them into the testing process. There are various types of the research designs but they are implemented and used according to the research problem. In general there are two types of research designs like the fixed research design and the flexible research design. Initially the fixed research design method is been situated before fixing the appropriate data.

This fixed research design is entirely a theory based method, so it not possible to calculate the mathematical variables and the factors which are been resulted in the future aspect. The collected data is fixed and then the authentic methods utilized in the data collection process is been implemented in this specific research design. There are wide varieties of choices that available in the research process. This research process is entirely different from the actual research process and even it is different from the flexible research design. Within the flexible research process the variables which are identified will be varied from the actual statement, so there is a need of flexibility in process of selection of the research variable.

The investigational results are totally based on the approach that is implemented against the flexible research design. In general the research design is been divided into two different types such as the experimental type and the non-experimental types. The experimental research design one of the appropriate process for the projects related to the statistical analysis. For the experimental research design the research sample size is more and the sample size is less for the non-experimental research design. The general observations and the individual activities are been utilized in order to get the results. The experimental research design is one of the best and suitable method for the quantitative research methodology. And for the purpose of the qualitative research methodology the non-experimental research method is the suitable one.

The case study can be considered as the example for the non experimental research design. In this the process the data should be gathered through the single source and the required conclusions are been finished by the common observations, the views and ideas of the particular individual is involved in the case study. 

 Case study chosen

According to Jennifer Rowley (2002) the case study approach is the simple and best method which is been used in order to collect the information or else the data required against the qualitative research methodology. The required solution for the research questions and the research problem can be identified by this case study approach.

The individuals or else the participants who are taking part in the research process are been examined in order to get the answers required to fulfill the research work. The actual aim of the research is been explained to the individuals and their views and ideas on the particular topic are considered and analyzed to get the required idea on the research.  By using these case studies there are various benefits and the most important benefit is that the data which is gathered from these source is the direct data and the information which is been collected is more truthful and reliable. When compared with the other data sources this is the most useful source. In order to solve the research problem the information is been gathered from the case study.

To conduct the research work on a specific topic the person who acts as the researcher must be able to have the minimum knowledge upon the case studies of that particular topic and case studies which are selected for the research should provide the entire required information and even should be able to solve the problems in the research process. By having all these capabilities then this case study approach can be referred to as the best source in order to collect fulfill the primary information which belongs to the qualitative research method.

In general the case studies are differentiated in to many types like the individual case study or the organization case study. The case study is been selected based on the problem within the research process. 

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