Research design and Case study approach of Cloud Computing Report

Research design: Case study approach

The research design is the process is which the general research questions are been recognized and then after they are transformed in to the testing process as well as there are several types of the research designs which could be established depending on the research problem which is taken in to consideration. Generally there are two significant research design types such as the fixed research design as well as the flexible research design.  Before fixing he actual data collection method the fixed research design method is been set. Generally this fixed research design is the theory based method, as a result it not such easy to calculate the mathematical variables as well as the aspects that are resulted in future.

The data which is been collected is been fixed as well as the actual methods which are used in the data collection are been established with in this kind of research design. The certain level of the sufficient choice is been available within the process of the collection of the data on the flexible research design method as well as the design of the research and the actual search might differ with in this kind of research.

The variable which is recognized with in this flexible research process might differ with the actual statement, as a result there is a necessity of the flexibility while selecting the research variables and generally the investigational result depends on the approach which is been established diagonally towards these kind of the flexible research design. Generally the research design is been distinguished in to experimental as well as the non- experimental types and the type which is necessary to select it is based on the type of the research with in the process.

The experimental research design is the best process for the type of projects that include the number of statistical analysis as well as the research sample size is more, where as the sample size for the non- experimental research design is less as well as the common and general observations as well as the individual behavior is been used to obtain the inputs. For the purpose of quantitative research methodology the experimental research design is one of the best methods, where as the non experimental research design model is the best method for qualitative research methodology.

The general case study is one of the best example for the non- experimental research design in which the data needed is been collected by making use of the single source as well as the needed conclusions are completed by means of the general observations and the vision and outlook of the individual is been included with in the case study.

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