Remote Mouse (IR) Controlled PC with Automation


The main aim of this project is to design a Wireless Desktop Operation for PC using IR Remote


The purpose of the project is to do all the operations of the mouse wirelessly.



In present days the use of computer is growing rapidly with the boom in IT field. There is a great impact of IT field. And day by day, the need for computations with great speed and accuracy also increased the usage of computers.

Computer became a basic amenity for students. Students are using computers for their academic work. The other applications apart from above mentioned are to play audio and video files etc. Even kids became regular users of computer due to their passion towards games.

But sitting in front of monitor for hours and hours has a great impact on our eyes as well as body. So here is an approach to do all these mouse operations and some of the keypad operations remotely by using IR communication.

The present project will do all the operations of the mouse as well as some functions of the Keyboard like Enter, Windows button and Direction keys as well. Just use your computer as a TV with the help of this remote.

In this we are going to use IR communication and .NET as main platforms. Here the signals of our remote are transmitted to the receiver section which includes microcontroller, which is near the PC.

The signals which are received by the controller are sent to the PC via serial communication through DB-9 connector. And finally the operations are all done by the COM controls by the use of .NET.

The .NET is used for the front-end application development. Here we are using the COM controls to interface the controller. The block diagram of the present project including the transmitter and receiver section along with PC is shown below.


Transmitter section:

1) Keypad
2) IR encoder
3) IR transmitter
4) Battery

Receiver section:

1) Microcontroller
2) IR receiver
3) IR decoder
4) Serial Driver
5) PC


1) AVR Studio
2) SinaProg
3) ISP


1) PC can be controlled wirelessly
2) Avoid facing struggles operating wired environment.
3) Can be operated in IR range.


1) Home appliance control
2) Home PC control
3) Industrial applications


According to this project we can design an system to perform mouse operations wirelessly using IR.

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