Redesign Fuel filling System Project

Project Title: Redesign Fuel filling System

Project Description: COMPANY BACKGROUND:

TISS Security Systems are a Blackpool based company specialising in the design and manufacture of fuel security devices to prevent the theft of diesel from Truck Fuel Tanks. We are global market leaders, having sold over 100,000 units around the world. We are also worldwide sole suppliers of our products to 3 of the leading Truck Manufacturers: Iveco, Volvo and Mercedes.

The TankSafe product range consists of:

– TankSafe ‘Impregnable’ – the ONLY device in the world to completely prevent any siphoning, skimming and diesel spills

– TankSafe ‘Standard’ – world’s most effective basic anti-siphon at preventing 3rd party theft.

Please see the attached brochures for further information or visit our website at


We are getting many requests both from existing customers and resellers and other prospective customers to supply devices to suit other Commercial Vehicles, specifically the Coach, Bus and Van markets.

We believe there is good scope for a project investigating and subsequently developing suitable devices for these markets. From an engineering point of view, these markets pose a number of new challenges; with Truck Fuel Tanks it has been relatively simple to develop suitable systems as once the fuel cap is taken off the tank you have direct access to the fuel. Bus, Coach and Van Fuel Tanks are more difficult, predominantly because their fuel tanks and filler necks are more similar to those of a car.

I believe this offers good scope for a project; with their university education, plus access to all of the resources at the University, I would hope that a student would be able to develop ideas for suitable systems. Some of the many things that will need to be considered for this project are:

– How to ensure the device fits in the filler neck in a secure manner.

– How to ensure the device fits inside the filler neck without impediment.

– How to ensure the device does not hinder filling speed or cause splashback.

– Ensure that the device does not impede the existing flap/cap on the filler neck or vehicle chassis.


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