Red Tacton PPT Presentation

Red Tacton a very small electronic based device, very less in power use and very cheap in cost is an application which uses the surface of the human body to gain the high speed to access the internet only on the single quick touch data access. Network facilities can slow down the input and output repitions. This device uses the LAN, WAN, HAN for the connection between the device and the communication application via a root of internet. This red tacton is developed by the Japanese company called as the NTT.

The prototypes of the red tacton are Security devices which is the complete stage of the development level, data transfer applications and the data card transceiver are some other prototypes, the advantages of the red tacton are the red tacton does not need the conductors to get in direct contact with the human skin. A very large speed of the communication service is permitted. The networks are always protected in it. Bluetooth feature is added to the device for better connection facility.

The network facility regarding the body surface is more protected and secured. WI-Fi is also installed for wireless free internet access. It also has the infrared based technology to detect and track the bar code of the applications. The dis-advantages of the red tacton are that there is no any application available to compile the programs properly. And the cost factor related to red tacton is very high means the device is very costly.

This device is the perfect application which quickly transfers the data from one system to another. When the transmission of data is done with a great speed then the data is said to be more secure and safe too… so in the coming future this developed applications are ready to take place in each and every houses and family. As the developers today says that this red tacton is future of the gadget department.  

Download  Red Tacton PPT Presentation.

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