Recruitment and Selection of Suitable Employees in London 2012 Olympics

Recruitment and selection of suitable employees

  1. A.   Explain in analytical terms to your audience, human resource planning process for the London 2012 Olympics, the information needed and the various steps involved in the planning process before the Opening Games in 2012. 

         Since the city of London hosts the Paralympic Games as well as Olympic Games in the summer of 2012, the eyes of world for six weeks will be on London. Opportunities were provided to the people to share friendship and cultures as well as to compete in the sporting events. On exceptional level the games are a cultural event and sporting. In order to represent the best that can be offered by the host nation these games are considered an opportunity. Sustainability will be placed at the heart of its bid by London for 2012 Games. Based on the theory of ‘Towards a One Planet Olympics’ these games are enclosed and this theory was explained by the concept of ‘One Planet Living®’ called Bioregional/ WWF concept which reviews the challenges faced by people in compelling and stark terms.

The Games:

  In order to greet the world towards its stadia and its streets for the summer Paralympic Games and Olympic Games, a latest Host City for every four years starts its preparations. Olympic Park present in east London is the heart of 2012 Games. 

The organizations:

         In carrying London 2012 Games, two organizations are present at centre: 

– The ODA (Olympic Delivery Authority) which is liable for constructing new infrastructure and venues for the purpose of games, and makes sure that a practical legacy use is contained by them. 

– The LOCOG (London 2012 Organizing Committee of the Paralympic and Olympic Games) which is liable for staging, planning and financing the Games.

  BOA (British Olympic Association) the national Olympic Committee for Northern Netherland and Great Britain is liable for the participation of Team GB in both winter as well as Summer Olympic Games. 

London 2012 Sustainability Policy:

       A sustainability policy is being agreed in June 2006 by Olympic board. Five priority themes were recognized by the sustainability policy, where the stakeholders and London 2012 suppose that a best contribute and most impact will be contained by them in order to achieve legacy aims.

  • Biodiversity: During the operational phases and planning construction the impact of games will be minimized by London 2012 at other venues of Games and on Lower Lea Valley ecology. 
  • Healthy Living: In order to motivate people around the world to assume sports and develop sustainable, active and healthy lifestyles, the Games will be utilized (Saini, D, 2004). 
  • Climate Change: From creation to legacy, by decreasing the emissions of greenhouse gas, a real difference can be made by the Games.
  • Inclusion: To each and everyone the Games will be opened genuinely, they promote attitude change and inclusion mostly towards disability.
  • Waste: In reducing construction waste a commitment is being given by London 2012. 
  1. Discuss how the HR planning process for the game affects the structured process of the organization such as IOC, LOCOG and London 2012

A structured approach to staffing needs:

        Towards staffing a vigorous approach will be adopted so as to gain the required diversity across the organization by constructing a complete consideration of aspiration and requirements of diverse talent groups needed to attract towards LOCOG, recognizing needs of resource in the early hours, raising the proposition of employment that attract and employ them in the required strategies in order to make sure that the positions are packed with diverse talent’s required levels. Later, the performance is monitored regularly against aims, captivating suitable actions in the surroundings that do not convene the standards of the place.


  • In order to verify how the positions can be loaded with dissimilar talent, all the members of the Management Committee will work directly with HR team on selection and recruitment planning.
  • As a part of the process of annual business planning, an estimation of staffing requirements will be produced by all the departments of LOGOC, maintained by HR.
  • For distributing towards estimation all the members Management Committee will be accountable to the CEO.

       Measures of OGI (Olympic Games Impact) are being set by IOC (International Olympic Committee) on the host country and host city which is intended to provide the scientific and objective analysis of Game’s impact. An inclusion dimension and diversity is being contained by these OGI measures that will inform the strategy’s success.    

              In order to offer huge range of everlasting health, environmental, social, economic benefits, sporting and infrastructure a unique property is provided by London 2012. Electronic Brokerage System will be adopted which offers modified information towards businesses who register their own interest in the chances of supply chain of London 2012.

  1. D.   Explain in clear terms to your audience of how the selection that has been done so far and those you still intend to do could be considered as practices and procedures in the selection process ‘best practice’. Using your understanding of the legal frameworks guiding recruitment and selection in the United Kingdom. 

Behavior and Aligning jobs to the strategy of organization:

                  The HR has the role here to key into the improvement of the strategy and to act quickly the requirements of the human capital which effect from the other direction. While inputting to the policy, HR have a role to play in creating an explicit relation between the capacity of human capital of the business and the strategic options of board’s. Varying some of the call centers from customer care functions inbound to outbound trades can be the correct thing to perform to develop the customer support, but the achievement of this policy can be forced by the abilities, personality and experience of the person presently in organization to distribute against this. HR will provide valuable information in to the strategy success by understanding the capacity of the present human capital to implement the plan. This occupies highlighting the deficit areas and making awareness the cost implications and the time of redeployment, external and re-training recruitment to build the success of the strategy.

Designing a redeployment assessment process:

                   It includes considering present performance data in coverage, defensibility and consistency. It also involves implementing method to gain additional information on workers probably to do well in the other organization. The perspective of the employee also required. This kind of evaluation process is mostly different.  The evaluation outcomes are more visible and the direct failure implications are very impactful.

New role accessing: Operational readiness:

This ‘ultra-high’ risks assessment process needs the HR and team of line management to immediate execution, the process of legal and painless assessment, with least interference to employees, and Brand and customers. The resources needed to roll-out a process of rearrangement assessment and control stakeholder relations can be important. Moreover, having the whole information mutually in an ordered, perfect and objective way to pull the secure selection decision needed awareness at high level to detail and a competence reasonable level in data management.

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