Recognition Technology Seminar Documentation

Introduction to Recognition Technology Seminar Topic:

Facial recognition technology is widely used now a days it’s the technology through which we can easily identify the person from a digital video frame from digital source code. It’s widely used in the security system for detection of the wrong person who can seize or take over the system. Finger print and eye detection is same as this recognition system. It can be detect by using some sort of algorithm. It biggest advantage is to save our system from hackers and used in human computer interaction. Video conferring is also the possible it provide efficient coding scheme. 

Different famous face recognition algorithms, like Eigen faces and neural networks are to maintain the security is very important and difficult now days. The 3 D facial recognition identifies individuals by exploiting different features of a human face, the curves of the eye sockets, nose, and chin, which are where tissue and bone are those parts which don’t change over time. The famous saying of Philippine the changes adversely affects face recognition performance from still images. But the shape of a face isn’t affected by anything. 

Hence, 3-D face recognition might even be used in very exclusive condition. It’s the fastest biometric solution in today’s world. It measure the overall structure of the face like distance between two eyes ,jaws, nose etc. It will overtake the finger print detection important form of user detection.

There are four stages used in detection are capture, extraction, comparison and matching. It’s the ideal solution for airports, railway stations, financial offices, and other all kinds of business. Why we choose to use face recognition over other biometric. There are many reasons to choose face recognition over biometric. 

This includes the following
It has no physical interaction of the user prespective.
It is accurate and allows verification rates.
It’s not necessarily required expert to interpret the comparison result.

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