Introduction to Real Time Structured Analysis and Software Process for Multidimensional Separation:

The project is regarding a Software process, which is capable of detecting and handling the concerns independently, but if we consider the conventional methods they do lack in some workflow and will fail to achieve the services of the system. The paper also includes the real time controls in case of structured analysis used for identifying, analyzing and also program all the concerns.

The advantages with the present Software process include the code which is so simple and even shorter and easily understandable. It also provides higher flexibility and re-usability feature of the components.

Concern deals with the decomposition of software into parts which can be easily manageable, for example if we consider object-oriented programming the kind of concern is the class which is used. The clear separation of concern can result in reduction of software complexities and enables the future of re-usability and also results in integration of components. Using one dimension of concern can result in promotion of goals and also the activities when compared to that of others.

The modern languages and methodologies have a problem of tyranny of dominant decomposition as they give permission for separation or encapsulation of one kind of concern at a time.

Thus we can conclude that the decomposition based on only one kind of concern can cause breakage to many benefits. The full support of multi-dimensional concern is provided which enables the developer to select the best modularization which is based on any or all concerns.

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