General: RapidShare Auto Downloader is one of most widely used popular online file sharing hosting millions of files for downloading, uploaded by users around the world. Most of the user uses free rapidshare account which has various limitations like low bandwidth, upload limit etc. One issue which users faces while downloading files from rapidshare is wait time and there is no automated programfor downloading set of rapidshare files.Auto Downloader is a tool to increase download speeds and schedule downloads of RapidShare files for successive downloading without any manual intervention after waiting for a specific time.

RapidShare Auto Downloader output Screen


Simple graphic user interface makes user friendly and easy to use. Auto Downloader has a smart download scheduler. Unlike other download managers which donot support downloading of Rapidshare files in succession this provides successive downloading of Rapidshare files Auto Downloader segments downloaded files dynamically during download process. You can also drag and drop files, or use Auto Downloader from command line.

Statement of the problem:

Till now there are only some download managers that can download files but no tools are there specifically to download rapidshare files automatically one after another (or) to download rapidshare files simultaneously for a free user.

Existing System:

In rapidshare Auto Downloader we can download only one file at a time and next file will not be downloaded immediately after previous file is completely downloaded. Also the next file download will not be allowed immediately it needs to wait for some specific amount of time then only next file will be downloaded and it should be done manually.Also downloading of rapidshare files simultaneously is not possible.

Demerits of existing system :

  • More manual intervention.
  • More time consuming.
  • No simultaneous downloading capability.
  • No auto saving of files immediately after download is finished(using skip screen option)

Architecture of Auto Downloader

Proposed System:

Our proposed Auto Downloader system reduces the difficulties of the present downloading system of rapidshare by placing all the required files to be downloaded into this tool before itself so that it will download the files automatically one after another after waiting for a specified time after each download. This system reduces manual intervention in the middle so that it will make the user comfortable. It also provides status of download, url and size. It allows downloads with terminating facility.

Objectives of the project:

1) You can Add any number of Download File Links

2) Start or Stop Download Process (No Resume Option available)

3) Displays file download progress and over progress bar

Requirement Analysis:

We are overcoming the difficulty of downloading rapidshare files which wers done manually in the current system and here we download files automatically one after anotherso that downloading can be done without manual intervention.


Hardware specifications:

Processor                                 :             Intel p4/AMD athlon

RAM                                                    :           512MB RAM

Hard disk                                            :           20GB or more

Software specifications:

Operating system                                   :           Windows Xp professional

Programming Language                       :           JAVA (j.d.k 1.5)

Browser                                               :           Internet Explorer

Model Design                          :           Rational rose