Ramification of Cyber Crime Seminar Topic

Introduction to Ramification of Cyber Crime Seminar Topic:

The existing system is related to the broadest sense in solving the most happening crimes in the department of Information Technology. These crimes like hacking, online crimes, Internet crimes are in use in illegal patterns.

This crime spread in four different ways called the resources that are related to damages, secondly they can be journalized into physical matters, easy to learn, and they are very illegal matters. Mostly cyber crime is against the legal laws that can be lead to savior punishments and now a day’s the syber crimes are very much increasing and leading to people lose. 

The types of testing done by this software is the importance of testing which completely executes the program and then the testing begins at the centre level. Then the testing methodology which is a software testing device that completes the success of the testing of the programs of the software. Then the Unit testing that specifies the design making of the software testing’s. Lastly is the integrating testing in which the modules are divided in sub-types which are also even then tested. 

These system crimes can include criminal actions like theft, fraud, miss-behaving, blackmailing etc… the development of uses of computers and internet access has been increased in this developed world so the amount of hackings has also increasing day by day. So this software is specially developed to catch the hackers and the crackers that make such hackings and illegal actions and also the people who try to do this worng action. 

For the better prevention of the illegal happenings this software must be always kept update. There is no death to this Information Technology because day by day new gadgets are been launched by the company’s. This software also has the more feature like video recording so that the person owning it can have the proof of the crime held.

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