This Quit Smoking application completely android based application like android mobile and android tablet. This application provides the user interface for taking the values like number of days and number of cigarettes. App will show the smoke level of body in the form of float values and also damage part of lungs image. Using this app user should know the awareness of lungs effect.

About Project

This application supports android mobiles and android tablets. It provides the user interface to the user with objects i.e.  Text fields and buttons for entering the number of days and number of cigarettes, according to given days and cigarettes show the value of smoke level.

User wants to know the lungs damage as an image it’ll show in another activity (UI). when user selects the Quit button it goes to the another activity, enter the values and selects the Reduced smoke level button then displays lugs damaged as an image.

System Requirements

  • JDK
  • Eclipse IDE
  • ADT plug in
  • Android SDK
  • Any Operating System


  • Widgets Text fields and buttons
  • Intents
  • Window view and surface view
  • Canvas