Questionnaire to Project Managers on Agile Scrum Methodology

Questionnaire to Project Managers

  • What are the main benefits you observed with Agile framework?
  • What is the frequency of your Agile iterations?
  • What is the team size involved in the Agile development methodologies?
  • How the team does analyze the user requirements documentation?
  • How the user stories are created against the user requirements and how they are validated in the meetings?
  • How do you use the story points in estimating the project metrics?
  • What are the key responsibilities assigned to your scrum master?
  • How do you assign the works to the developer and validate the work assigned?
  • How frequently does you conduct the sprint meetings and what do you discuss in those meetings
  • What is the level of involvement of product owner during the Sprint meetings
  • What is the role played by scrum master during the sprint meetings?
  • What is the composition of your scrum team in terms of their functionalities?
  • Who all are involved in the sprint meetings?
  •  How do you compare the Agile scrum methodology to traditional software development models?
  • What future plans you have with respect to the implementation of Agile in your organization? 

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