Questionnaire to Consumers and Sainsbury Staff


1. Gender?      Male/ Female
2. How old are you?
a. 18 – 22        b. 23 – 30        c. 31 – 44        d. 45+

3. In which income group you belong to? (Annual)

a. £12,000 – £15,000      b. £15,000 – £25,000

c. £25,000 – £40,000      d. £40,000+

4. Have you ever encountered any part-time service employee who is international student?

a. Yes    b. No

5. Are you a first time visitor to the store?

a. Yes     b. No

6. Do you prefer interacting with the same service employee in the concerned department of the store every time you visit?

a. Yes     b. No

7. Did you ever have bad experience while interacting with the service employee?

a. Yes        b. No

8. Are you comfortable with the body language of part-time service employees who are international students?

a. Yes       b. No

9. Do you experience any difficulty in understanding the slang of the service employees who are international students?

a. Yes        b. No

10. Do you think the qualities of care, friendliness, empathy in customers contribute for the satisfaction of customers?

a. Yes        b. No

11. Do you find the service employee knowledgeable enough to explain about the product specifications and features?

a. Yes        b. No

12. Did you ever experience any difference in the knowledge levels between local employees and part-time service employees who are international students?

13. How often do you visit the store?

a. Regularly                   b. Occasionally                       c. Rarely

Additional comments:

14. How friendly are the part-time service employees who are international students?

15. How did you find yourself difficult in interacting with part-time service employees who are international students?

16. If you had any bad experience with the part-time service employee who is international student, can you share the experience?

17. What are the general observations you made in the communication style of part-time service employees who are international students while interacting with them?

18. What are the common qualities you expect from a service employees while interacting with them?


  1. What is your name? (optional)
  2. What is your role in the store?
  3. What is your nationality?
  4. Since how long are you working in Sainsbury?
  5. Does the three-day training program help you to perform better on job?
  6. How did the three-day program help you to perform better?
  7. How do you deal with harsh and adamant customers?
  8. What are the changes you made to the style of your communication to meet the demands of the job?
  9. Do you share a friendly relationship with any of the customers? If so, how did the relationship develop?
  10. How did your manager help in improving your communication?
  11. How Sainsbury’s is attracting ethical consumers?

Describe your respondents:

a.       Manager A  male, 35 years old,  15 years length of service, etc; Manager B ….Manager C…..

b.      Customers: Customer A male, white, aged 26; Customer B female, 35 year old, Afro Caribbean origin

c.       Employees:- describe them in the same way

2.       Replace  the words: part time service employees with part-time international student employees, to indicate you are referring to the supermarket, not to other service business.

3.       Revise the bibliography, make sure everything is in alphabetical order.

4.       Make all the changes indicated now and previously and send everything to me.  I spend 4 times the number of hours allocated to the supervision. Please do the work. please make all the changes otherwise that would be effect you in dissertation. i can support you to an extent not like the way i should do every changes and do  your dissertation. 

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