Project background 

Metadata management is always a research process and there are different types of metadata management systems and are proved to be successful in managing large scale metadata database management systems. In general in a corporate organization where large database are maintained, management of metadata plays an important role and queering the metadata is the most tedious task to be executed. There are some techniques and a standard SQL can be used to query the metadata to fetch the desired results about the actual data. This is a well know practice but still querying the metadata simultaneously with the actual data can be considered as the efficient operation to be executed on any metadata management system. In this project metadata is queried along with the actual data and SQL server is used as the database to maintain the metadata and the actual data. 

Aim: To develop a framework to query the metadata along with the actual data at the same time using SQL server and Microsoft dot net technologies.


Following are the research objectives for Querying For Large Scale Metadata Database Management System

  • To investigate and critically review the metadata database management system for large scale databases
  • To design a framework to query the metadata and actual data at the same time to improve the search performance for a website
  • To develop SQL server metadata management system and evaluate the results

This paper is written and submitted by Arun