Quantum Key Distribution Protocol Engineering White Paper

As the main aim of this Engineering White Paper is to evaluate the quantum key distribution protocol, a java based application is developed to evaluate the system performance. Initially the importance of quantum computing is evaluated in the introduction chapter and different application and the problem definition is explained in this section. The required previous work and the review of the existing systems is explained in the literature review.

The technical aspects behind the implementation of the quantum key distribution is covered in the literature review section and the corresponding gaps are identified in this section. Quantum key distribution is really important for a better and secure data transmission and explained in this literature review section with reference to the opinion of different authors.

A detailed analysis of the system is done in the system analysis section and the proposed system is more secured and efficient when compared to the existing system. Few users are created in this process and a separate user id and password are allocated to the users and these users can create the session and quantum keys as per the requirements.

The basic problems included with the scalability can be solved using the quantum key distribution application and for that the actual design followed is explained in the design chapter and the actual coding procedure followed is also explained. Java is used as the coding language and the code used to develop this application is given in the appendix section. The corresponding results are given in the appendix section. Thus quantum key distribution protocol is efficient and secure method of communication used in the latest computer world.

This Paper is written & submitted by Vamshidhar A.

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