Qos Routing Protocols for Mobile Ad Hoc Project Report

Introduction to Qos Routing Protocols for Mobile Ad Hoc Project:

Qos Routing Protocols for Mobile Ad Hoc Project Report provides detailed explanation about this project. Here we provide introduction to this topic.

In most of the system services like audio/ videoconferencing, webcasting requires the network to provide a guarantee of the service being provided to the receiver. Thus the QoS guarantees are more challenging in case of Mobile Ad hoc Networks. MANETs is a self-configuring infrastructure less network in mobile devices connected by wireless, which has no fixed infrastructure such as base stations. Wireless networks allow us to use all service access, anywhere, anytime by the system in this network. Mobile AD Hoc networking developments helps to development of different kinds of applications such as those involving audio and video, many of which have stringent Quality of Service (QoS) requirements

Qos involves two task: collecting and maintaining up-to-date state, To support QoS, the routing protocol should support metrics such as delay, bandwidth, energy, and delay jitter and packet loss ratio. The nodes considered in this network are supposed to be mobile nodes, that is they move independently and randomly in any direction and speed, This help in updating the topology information frequently.

Nodes in a MANET should communicate with each other within a common channel, so as to provide the network topology. This introduces two main problems like interference and channel contention.

QoS routing protocols are been classified based on:

Network topology (hierarchical or location-aware)

Approach to route discover with QoS (proactive, reactive, hybrid or predictive).

Security is a main QoS attribute. Without an adequate security, unauthorized accesses and usages the system may violate the QoS negotiations. The nature in broadcasting wireless networks potentially results in more security and authentication.

This paper has covered the basic concepts in QoS routing in MANETs and the various issues that are needed to be faced during the provision of Quality of Service in an MANET. This paper has also summarized the basic operation, strengths and drawbacks of these protocols in MANET, and how these protocols are been implemented.

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