PSP-FM Card Processing System Mainframe Project

  1. Project Name : PSP-FM Card Processing System Mainframe Project
  2. Role              : Tester
  3. Tools/Skills     : JCL, DB2, COBOL, File Aid, spufi Quality Center, Expeditor.

Developer Responsibilities:

  • Performing the Required Analysis based on business.
  • Preparation of SIT / UAT Test Plans
  • Conducting System Integration Testing.
  • Preparation of Team’s Weekly/Monthly Status reports and Project Matrix. 

Project Scope: 

FM is the main posting and billing process for the U.S cardholder system. FM inputs, verifies, and applies all account activity (monetary and non-monetary) and posts the valid activity to the appropriate customer’s account. In addition, FM calculates interest charges, assesses fees, applies product charges and execute various other activates to supply billing information to the downstream applications for generating customer billing cycle statements. The File-Maintenance (FM) Application supports the account maintenance function of the Card Processing System. 

The PSP platform is built to execute core Fm through multiple events without interface with other applications, except Triad and Blaze. This allows for quicker turnaround of FM testing and more flexible run times

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