.Net Projects

Remote Device Explorer System VB.Net Project

INTRODUCTION This Remote Device Explorer System project is done specifically catering to the requirements of the educational institutes Computer Laboratory.   We create a Client Server architecture where in the Clients  software runs in  all students and staff systems and the server is maintained in the Network administrator System. The Students and Staff ip addresses are(…)

Ad Agency Project Management System

Project Titled “Ad Agency Project Management System “ project ( Vb.Net)  is a simple stand alone application designed to computerize works in advertising management companies. Project Abstract: Management software are playing important role in handling business tasks. There are many applications like payrol management system, stock management system..etc which comes under same category. These software’s are reducing cost for(…)

Hospital Management System Project in Vb.Net

To automate process involved in hospital management this advanced hospital management system project is designed. This project is developed in visual basic using microsoft access as back end. OBJECTIVE TO ACHIEVE :-  a)     Maintain record of patients. i.e. operation, treatments and other relative processes.  b)     Maintain record of staff members.  c)     Maintain all details of(…)

Crime Detection Through Facial Features Project in Vb.Net

The aim of Crime Detection Through Facial Features Project  is “Identification of a person in a crime scene by witness descriptions using Image Processing Techniques”. Video fitting, for image reconstruction and person identification, is a well-known technique popularly used in scientific, industrial, medical and forensic applications. There has been a variety of “Application Software” based(…)