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Different between ForwardAction and ActionForward

ActionForward ForwardAction Represents the result pages of struts Action class.   Use forward tags in s-c.xml file to configure action forwards.  1. A built-in Action class using which the resource of struts application can comm.. with each other through controller servlet called as ActionServlet.2. Use action tag in s-c.xml file to configure ForwardAction class as separate Action(…)

Different Types of Action Classes / Built in Action Classes

Different types of Action classes / Built in Action classes: – SwitchAction Forwordaction Local Action Include Action Dispatch Action Lookup Dispatch Action Mapping Dispatch Action Download Action These classes are available in org.apache.Struts.Action package. This package is available in Struts-home\lib\Stuts-extras-1.3.8.jar file. Foll all these action classes the derect / indirect super class is org.apache.Struts.action.Action class.(…)

Procedure to work with StrutsDemoApp1 application with programmiticDynamicFormBean

Procedure to work with StrutsDemoApp1 application with programmiticDynamicFormBean: Step1:- Develop FormBean class as shown below manually RegisterForm.java Package app; Important org.apache.Struts.action.*; Important org.apache.Struts.validator.*; Important java.servlet.http.*; Public class RegisterForm extends dynaValidatorForm { //no formbean properties // no setxxx (-,-) & getxxx (-,-) Public ActionErrors validate (-,-) { // call super.validate (-,-) to perform validation plug-in based(…)

Application with Declarative Dynamic Form Bean

Procedure to work with StrutsDemoApp1-DV application with declarative dynamic form bean: Step1:- delete RegisterForm.java & its class file form the application Step2:- modify existing form bean configuration in struts configuration file as shown below. Step3:- Write following code in the execute (-) method of RefisterAction class to read values from form bean class object. In(…)

Dynamic Form Beans in Struts – Struts Tutorial

Dynamic Form Beans in Struts: – If form bean class is developed by the programmer completely & totally then it is called as manual form bean class / explicit form bean class. The form bean class that we have developed so far comes under explicit form beans. If framework software generates total form bean or(…)

Apply Mask Validator Rule on Form Bean Property

In validation.xml to apply mask validator rule on form bean property (user name):- In my file properties   More Regular Expressions for form validation:- Limitation with mask validator rule:- This validator rule is not working on specific form components like text area and etc.(working properly with textbox & problem is there with client side javascript(…)

Configuring User-Defined Error Messages for Required, Maxlength Validator Rules

Configuring user-defined error messages for required, maxlength validator rules:- In validation, xml:-     <field property = “username” depends = “reauired”>        <msg name = “required” key = “my.un.msg”/>      </field>  <field property = “password” depends = “reauired, maxlength”>        <msg name = “required” key = “my.pass.msg”/>       <msg name = “maxlength” key = “my.pass.max.msg”/> <arg(…)

Performance of Validator Plugin in Server Side Form Validation

Question:  How validator plug-in is performing server side form validation in our Struts-apps (explain flow) Form page submits the request to struts applications ActionServlet traps and takes the request and also reads the form data of form page ActionServlet writes formdata to form bean class properties of form bean class object by calling setxxx () method(…)