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This category consists of Telecom Projects for final year students.Here you can download Telecom Project Reports and abstracts,telecom projects in c++. Projects listed here consists of project reports and source code for free download. Projects listed here for ece, tce, mba, final year students.

Latest Seminar Topics Electronics And Telecommunication

List of latest seminar topics electronics and telecommunication:    Download latest seminar topics for electronics and telecommunication engineering students from this site. Telecommunication students can find latest topics on wireless communication, 3G based, mobile communication related seminar topics with paper presentations.                         submit latest seminar topics electronics and(…)

Final Year Projects For Electronics And Telecommunication Engineering

List of final year projects for electronics and telecommunication engineering:   Download latest collection of final year projects for electronics and telecommunication engineering from this site. Electronics and telecommunication students can download project reports, project ideas, ppts and previous year projects for free of cost. submit final year projects for electronics and telecommunication engineering to us. Links to download final(…)

Modeling a Grid Based Problem Solving Environment for Mobile Devices Project

Modeling a Grid-Based Problem Solving Environment for mobile devices projects the main idea is to provide a solution for improving performance in mobile devices.  Grid computing is one of the fatly growing technologies for improving the performance of servers by interconnecting using the wired network for sharing of distributed resources. Sharing include process speed, power(…)

Mobile Phone Power Management System Project

The fastest development of the cell phone company has outcome under millions of costumers of battery powered and handheld cell phones. Several costumers of these mobile phones would result telephones to be switch off since they should create an outgoing call and hence protecting the energy of the battery for weeks or days.  Modern trends(…)

Location Management in Mobile Computing Systems

Controlling place data of mobile nodes is the essential problem under cell operating forms. There is the trade-off among place update attempt and node searching attempt. This Location Management in Mobile Computing Systems project portrays the vital situation organization procedure which has following characters. The location servers do not sustain place data of each mobile(…)

Security Issues and Countermeasures for The Congregate Networks Like VoIP

This Security Issues and Countermeasures for The Congregate Networks Like VoIP thesis work was done in-depth to analyse all the concepts of VoIP technology and the information discussed in the following chapters to create a good outline and to discuss the design of VoIP technology in terms of conceptual model and gather the features that could(…)

Mobile Banking GPRS Telecom Project

Introduction:           In today’s current scenario, the need of the hour is to improve and enhance the way banking transactions are done. To make use of computerized banking, one needs to be in the vicinity of banks to go there. ATM has also minimized our banking procedures but even then one needs to physically to(…)

SMS Gateway a GSM Telecom Project

Introduction: The project “SMS gateway a GSM Telecom Project” is a project designed to implement a SMS gateway that aids in communication with a GSM modem using AT commands. This system has a graphical interface and is used for interaction with the user. This in turn will communicate to a modem using HTTP or some(…)