SQL Server Projects

Engineering computer science students who are looking for SQL Database Server 2005, 2008 projects for beginners and can download sample SQL projects with source code and report for free. Download All Latest SQL Database Projects, SQL Projects Ideas, SQL Presentations & PPT’s Here.

Sequence Diagrams for Knowledge Management System M Tech Project

These Knowledge Based Management System Sequence Diagrams developed while developing UML Model Diagrams in SDLC. Other Diagrams included here are activity diagrams and ER diagrams. This Project can help for M Tech Students. Level1 Sequence Diagram: Level2 Sequence Diagram: Level3 Sequence Diagram: Level4 Sequence Diagram: Download Sequence Diagrams for Knowledge Management System M Tech Project.

Knowledge Management MCA .Net Project Use Case Diagrams

The below added Use case Diagram and Model Diagram for MCA knowledge based project is going to analyze the middle ware code behavior of the total system. Here admin and user modules are the major roles of the system connected to other sub modules of the system. functions used in this Diagrams are login form and registration form for(…)

DFD Data Flow Diagrams for Knowledge Management System BE Project

This Post explains about Data Flow Diagrams used in Knowledge Management system SDLC Design work flow. here we have used water fall model to develop this web application. find the below DFD diagrams for the BE Computer Science project. Here you can find context level DFD diagrams for login form, administrator functionality, customer activities and many more. Download DFD Data Flow(…)

Knowledge Management System Final Year Project Class Diagrams

This post explains how class diagrams implemented in designing phase while developing knowledge management system. Now a day every student getting bored with their daily syllabus and provided materials in theirs schools and colleges so they are searching for updated information over the internet. This project helps final year students to develop an application to provide up(…)

Knowledge Management System Project with SQL Database

This project provides SQL database tables, stored procedures for Knowledge Management System. Engineering Students who are having good knowledge on SQL queries then they can easily understand these tables. Use this project for reference purpose for your final year project and enhance some features to implement better project on knowledge system to help students. Document Details SQL(…)

ER Diagrams for Knowledge Management System Project

Entity Relationship diagrams Developed for Final year .net project on Knowledge Management System. The main aim of developing this KMS project is to create diagrams with all database tables where these tables are connected each other. Tables included here are 1) Administrator login where only admin can login to the application with his/her credentials. 2)(…)

Knowledge Management System Visual Studio .Net 2005 Project

The main Objective of developing Knowledge Management System is to provide online and offline e-learning materials for all types of students over the world. Now a day students in rural areas not able to get study materials for their education but this system will help them to improve their basic knowledge. This system works like other online educational(…)

Shopping Cart Web Portal Use Case and UML Diagrams

Shopping Cart Web Portal Use case Diagrams provides customer and admin in depth functionalities in project designing phase. Here we can find the relation between middle layer with admin and user where admin is having connection with category management, product management, content management, order management and user has connection with purchase module and customer management.(…)

SQL Tables for Shopping Cart MCA Project

The below added SQL Tables for the Shopping cart system. These images taken from SQL Server Enterprise Manager, it provides each table name, data type values and length of each filed. Address SQL table:   Admin Menu Table:   Attributes table:   Brands Table:    Categories SQL table:    City SQL table:    Country SQL(…)