SQL Server Projects

Engineering computer science students who are looking for SQL Database Server 2005, 2008 projects for beginners and can download sample SQL projects with source code and report for free. Download All Latest SQL Database Projects, SQL Projects Ideas, SQL Presentations & PPT’s Here.

Knowledge Management System Visual Studio .Net 2005 Project

The main Objective of developing Knowledge Management System is to provide online and offline e-learning materials for all types of students over the world. Now a day students in rural areas not able to get study materials for their education but this system will help them to improve their basic knowledge. This system works like other online educational(…)

Shopping Cart Web Portal Use Case and UML Diagrams

Shopping Cart Web Portal Use case Diagrams provides customer and admin in depth functionalities in project designing phase. Here we can find the relation between middle layer with admin and user where admin is having connection with category management, product management, content management, order management and user has connection with purchase module and customer management.(…)

SQL Tables for Shopping Cart MCA Project

The below added SQL Tables for the Shopping cart system. These images taken from SQL Server Enterprise Manager, it provides each table name, data type values and length of each filed. Address SQL table:   Admin Menu Table:   Attributes table:   Brands Table:    Categories SQL table:    City SQL table:    Country SQL(…)

Online Shopping Cart .Net Web Application Website Project

The main aim of developing this Online Shopping cart .net web application website project is to provide online shopping cart facility to popular Costume and Fashion Industry in india. Here this website is very popular in market place in Suites, T-shirts, Kurthis, Jeans, Shirts, Salwars,Sarees, formal dresses, shoes, and all fashion items. The home page(…)

Final Year Project on Online Shopping cart with Class Diagrams

This Class Diagram explains methods involved to develop this shopping cart project. This is also called as Online E-Commerce Web application mainly for engineering and masters students worldwide. Methods created in this asp.net & C# web project are custom filter, delete admin order, delete cart logout, delete category, delete order details, delete product, delete wish(…)

Shopping Cart System Sequence Diagram Project with Source Code

The main objective of e commerce shopping project is to provide web forms for admin and customer over the world wide web. Database tables and stored procedures wirtten in SQL language to get all order details and purchase transactions quickly. Here we are providing sample source code for Shopping System project and Sequence diagrams to(…)

Shopping Cart in ASP.Net Collaboration Diagrams

This article will provide you total information about how to design Shopping Cart in ASP.Net Collaboration Diagrams and sequence diagrams. Mainly Shopping  Cart useful for buy any item over the internet without spending more time on selecting each and every item. This Project can provide best quality of the products with less cost, so users(…)

Online Shopping Project Paper Presentation & Seminar Report

This online shopping paper presentation including 23 slides describes total project introduction, software and hardware requirements, modules, flow charts, conclusion and future developments. This seminar report mainly useful for CSE and IT students who wants to give technical presentation online shopping. The previous e cart project ppt has less security while making transactions, and works on single system but the(…)

ER Diagrams for Shopping Cart Final Year Project in ASP

Project Title: Shopping Car Final Year Project in ASP Description: This Project ER Diagram Explains about total application modules with tables, The below image provides more than 20 tables included namely table category module contains category ID, name, Description, Image and Active, table faq module contaiins faq ID, Questons, Answers, table offers module contains offers id, product(…)